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Dora�s Bags, Inc. 

About Us 

I live in Long Island, New York with my husband and four beautiful children.   I have worked in the brokerage business for over 25 years, and now I want to put my time and efforts into doing something good for the future so my children can hopefully live a better, safer, cleaner life.  

I started Dora�s Bags one night while watching the news.  The story was about the tremendous waste of plastic bags in the US and throughout the world.  That�s when I said to myself, how many bags do I use when I go to the grocery store?  I never leave with less than 12 bags of groceries.  Now, if I am just one household in America, I thought, how many bags get thrown out throughout the world each day?  That is when I said, I have to do something about this.   Think about it, whether you are going to the grocery store, the pharmacy, the farm stand up the block, the shoe store, the clothing store�. every store uses plastic bags.  I tried to think of a store that didn�t use plastic bags, and I couldn�t think of one.  That�s when I got scared.  If we could focus on one area TO START, what HUGE difference in the waste of these plastic bags we could make!  I decided to start with supermarket plastic bags.   How many bags do you use in one shopping at the market?    How many times a week do you go to the supermarket?   How much extra garbage do you make as ONE FAMILY which could be avoided if we just re-use our shopping bags?   

We usually know when we are going to the supermarket.  We look at the circular, we grab our coupons; why not grab your bags?   It takes some getting used to, some conditioning, but I believe we can change our behavior. 

Dora�s Bags are not the typical canvas bags you are seeing in the stores today.  My bags are fashionable, stylish, STURDY and WASHABLE.  I hope you enjoy our bags.  If you have any comments or suggestions, please write.   

Thank you,